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WordPress acquires Woocommerce!

Screenshot 2015-05-20 19.22.52“It’s six times larger than anything we’ve done before.”

– Matt Mullenweg

Automattic, (the firm responsible for WordPress) nearing their 10 year anniversary announced they would be acquiring WooCommerce.  This is by far their largest purchase to date and will expand their team by another 55 members.

This deal stands to make WordPress even more competitive against services like squarespace.  WooCommerce is the most used eCommerce solution in the world today.  Marking their share at 19.22% recently this year.

Screenshot 2015-05-20 19.24.55Currently, has WordPress holding 48.37% of the world CMS market.  Together, with WooCommerce, the future looks even brighter for WordPress.

Accepting Payments Online is Getting Harder

Fredrik Olsen, writing at Medium:

If you’re storing CC information in your own system, stop doing that and use a third party service, the PCI compliance requirements are vastly different for those storing the data vs those that simply use a third party service. If you are using a third party service for storing CC information then you have to be compliant with PCI DSS (Data Security Standards). Relative to the full PCI auditing process, the DSS requirements when using a third party service are fairly easy to comply with, and for Level 3 you don’t even have to be audited, just fill out a Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).

This is what’s known in our industry as A Very Good Thing™. People are getting fed up with replacing their credit cards every 6 months because some online retailer had a security breach.

Some words about online credit card processing

The options for outsourcing payment processing are better now than they have ever been and a service definitely exists for the needs and priorities of almost everyone. We at Knoxweb have had the smoothest implementations with Square,, Paypal, and WePay.

Not all payment processors are equal, even when it comes to the big names. For example, Stripe and Yahoo Stores are both in Visa’s doghouse right now. Their entry on the Visa Global Registry of Service Providers has turned yellow, with an expiration date of Mar 31, 2015. This means they’re having some kind of PCI compliance problem. Generally, Visa will gradually crank up penalties until the problem is fixed, then pull the plug after around 9 months of non-compliance.

Visa says Square and Paypal are OK right now. If you are using a third party to process payments online, check their status on the Service Providers list of Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. If you’re a merchant of a service that’s in the yellow, that service was supposed to inform you that they were in the doghouse. Did they?

We at Knoxweb are experts in this field and are here to help you and your customers stay safe. If you have questions about your online payment system, get in touch.


Google SEO Rules Change for Mobile

Mobilegeddon: Google SEO will penalize you for non-mobile friendly sites.

Google SEO Rules Change for Mobile

Is your website up to Google mobile-friendly standards?

Updating their algorithms, Google now checks on a site’s “mobile-friendliness” to determine how you rank in their results.

“We will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results,” – Takaki Makino, Chaesang Jung and Doantam Phan  – Google Webmaster Central Blog

This is one of the most straightforward directives Google has ever let on to.  It will change SEO more than updates “Penguin” and “Panda” before it.

According to Google’s own numbers, about 50% of searches now happen on mobile devices.

See article: “Mobile devices are now the main source of Google search traffic” from Business Insider.

Mobile SEO Google

You can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to check your site

Shortly before the update, they released a new tool that analyzes your site’s mobile friendliness.

Check out: Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Make no mistake about it folks, Google is serious about your website being mobile friendly.  Unlike other updates, they’ve made it pretty clear that non mobile friendly sites will see increased penalization.

Don’t wait to fall in the rankings, get your site Mobile-Friendly today.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and see what your options are.

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There is nothing more frustrating than picking up your phone or tablet to check out a website only to discover that it isn’t cellphone or tablet friendly.

If your website is more than five years old, it is probably not Mobile Friendly, Mobile Optimized, or Mobile Responsive.

A responsive website will automatically change to fit your cellphone or tablet keeping the look and feel of your website the same. In other words, if your website is responsive, it will look just like it does on a PC or laptop.

There are four screen sizes when it comes to responsive websites. Widescreen desktop monitor, laptop, tablet, and cellphone.

Knoxville Internet are the experts when it comes to Mobile Responsive, Mobile Optimized, and Mobile Friendly websites. The team from Knoxville Internet will design your website so that it provides your users with a Mobile Responsive, Mobile Optimized, or Mobile Friendly website that is easy to read and easy to navigate. Most importantly, Knoxville Internet will provide you with a website that provides optimal viewing for existing and potential clients and customers.

So what is the difference between a Mobile Friendly, Mobile Optimized, and a Mobile Responsive Website? According to Knoxville Internet, one of the biggest requests received is from clients who want to make their website Mobile Friendly. Most folks have no idea that Mobile Friendly, Mobile Optimized, and Mobile Responsive are three entirely different terms.

A Mobile Friendly Website is a site that will display the same on your laptop or desktop as it does on your tablet or cellphone. Although a Mobile Friendly Website may look smaller on a tablet or may not work as it should on a tablet that is touchscreen, some Web Developers see Mobile Friendly websites as the best practice when it comes to Web Design and Web Development. Some of the critical issues that should be included in your Mobile Friendly Website include text-based physical addresses, phone numbers and email address that can give the user directions or make a call.

A Mobile Optimized Website is much more complex and advanced. This means the website reformats itself for a host of tablet and handheld devices. Mobile Optimized Websites include larger buttons and optimized images. Reformatting allows a Mobile Optimized Website to reach a larger mobile audience as it is easy to engage and navigate from a small screen. Some of the elements that Knoxville Internet will include in a Mobile Optimized Website include large touchpoints and reduced graphics.

Responsive Mobile Websites are completely flexible whether you are using a laptop, Desktop, Cellphone, or Tablet. Instead of detecting a device or browser type, a Responsive Mobile Website will orientate itself automatically based on the devices screen size.

According to Knoxville Internet, Responsive Mobile Websites are the best option for businesses and organizations that rely on an audience have a consumer base or an online store.

Remember, every business is unique and has different needs, but the only way to decide between a Mobile Friendly, Mobile Optimized, or Mobile Responsive Website is to schedule a no obligation consultation with the experts from Knoxville Internet.