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An Outdated Website Could Hurt Your Ranking

If your website hasn’t been updated in years, it probably isn’t doing very well on the net. In fact, an outdated website could hurt your ranking.

A mobile responsive site that adjusts to all screens is the only way to stay on top of it when it comes to Google, Bing and the other search engines.

If users are leaving your site in droves it’s time to call the professionals from Knoxweb.

On the Net since the Beginning

Knoxweb has been on the World Wide Web since 1996 providing clients with over two decades of web design and web development success. An outdated website is just one of the specialties from Knoxweb.

Over the years, things have certainly changed with mobile responsive websites the way of the future. If you are not mobile friendly or even know what that it is, it is essential that you update your website for 2020.

Mobile Responsive Means Business Success

An outdated website hurts business. If your users are staying less than 15 seconds on your site it’s time to call the web development team from Knoxweb. You have that much time to capture a user’s attention and the only way to do that is with a mobile responsive website.

Some of the main reasons people leave websites is because they take too long to load. However, a quick loading website isn’t the only thing you need.

Knoxweb recommends that you concentrate on dwell time instead of page views. With quality content, you will increase your dwell time with a low bounce rate.

Keep Your Focus

If you have an updated and responsive website but still aren’t getting results, it’s time to look at the reasons why people are leaving. According to Yoast, an SEO plug in for WordPress, there are three reasons people leave websites.

1. Low page quality
2. The audience didn’t find what they were looking for
3. Visitors found the info, got what they were looking for, and left

Keep in mind that the type of site will indicate how long people stay as well. For example, healthcare sites see an average rate of three minutes or more while gossip and celebrity sites average about two minutes.

Lower your Bounce Rates

You can lower your bounce rates by starting with a good design that is user friendly. Your website must load quickly and be simple to understand. When Knoxweb designs a website, the team makes sure that visitors will gravitate to the important elements first. It’s called hierarchy and is essential if you want to keep visitors on your website.

If your site has poor navigation, you won’t see many visitors. Make navigation accessible, obvious, simple, and consistent. Your site must be compatible on all devices including tablets, phones, and desktops.

Knoxweb recommends that you are upfront about your pricing, if you are selling products, and your intent.

Streamline and Update Content for an Outdated Website

If you are still featuring old content on social media posts and other outlets, you will lose viewers. Even if the visitor hasn’t been to your site before, an old blog post from 2016 could turn them off completely. No one wants to read old content from four years ago.

Even if your dates are relevant, you want to update your stats and provide new and additional information. One way to do this is with a weekly blog and monthly landing pages.

Marketing and Video Content for Your Outdated Website

If you follow the Knoxweb Blog, you will know how important video is to your brand. Adding video to your blogs, social media pages, and websites is essential if you want to capture your target demographic.

Video is the preferred way to digest content. While text does have its place, you will capture a larger share of the market if you include video marketing in your overall digital strategies.

Visuals are Important for your Outdated Website

Blog posts are boring without imagery. Be sure to include captivating pictures that highlight what your post is about. Include them in your content, people love images and are more inclined to stay longer on your pages.

If your outdated website could use some work, call and talk to a team member from Knoxville about a new and friendly website. It’s more affordable than you think. Call for a consultation today.