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6 Smart SEO Strategies for Digital Marketing

SEO, or search engine optimization is tough as it is constantly changing and evolving. So much so, that even the professionals have a hard time with it.


Knoxweb have been in the web business since 1996, and understand SEO strategies and search engine marketing in today’s landscape.

Below are some smart SEO strategies that will help your overall digital marketing plan.

1. Knowing Your Audience is Essential for SEO

If you don’t know who your demographic is, you will have a difficult time targeting your audience.

Start with the basics. Find out who your customers are and why they are buying your products and services. Your email subscription list and social media fans and followers are a good place to start your demographic search.

When you know your audience, you are cutting costs. Blatantly posting and throwing up ads on Google without targeting a specific group is a waste of time and money. Be smart and you will see results when you target your demographic.

2. Focus on SEO in your Local Area

Local SEO is an incredible way for users to locate your business. 43 percent of Google users and 25 percent of both Yahoo and Bing users are located near you. When you incorporate local search engine optimization into your overall digital marketing plan, you are providing value to your customers and potential ones.

When you incorporate local SEO into your overall plan, you are giving users what they want. Most importantly, you are giving it to them when they want it. Without local search engine optimization, your waterfront eatery in Knoxville will lose out to the competition. Local SEO drives traffic to your site and creates online leads.

3. Visual Search Marketing for SEO

In 2015, 74 percent of people who searched for things on the internet said that text based keywords and keyword phrases didn’t help them find what they were looking for. Sixty seven percent of users say that image quality was extremely important during a purchasing decision.

Knoxweb explains that visual search is more than locating pictures that match a question. There are a series of components that need to be used to tap into your market.

Do some research and Google images that reflect your products and services. Use copyright free images from sites like Pixabay and Pexels. Go with images that are viewed the most. For example, beach photos will get you more views as will pictures of food and beverages.

4. SEO Strategies and Contextual Marketing

Getting your ad to the right market is what digital marketing is all about. A good digital marketing company in Knoxville understands the complicated world of SEO.

Contextual marketing is based on content. The process selects ad spots in the network based on topics, keywords and other determining factors. Google Ads does the work by figuring out the theme of your website. Google analyzes your content by matching it against location, topics, keywords, and browsing behavior.

By selecting your topics and keywords from the Display Network Ad groups, you can focus your advertising. Targeting relevant sites that provide value will get you at the top of the paid for ads if you choose your topics and keywords wisely.

5. YouTube for Digital Marketing and SEO Strategies

With YouTube dominating the video world, a YouTube business page makes sense. As second only to Google in the search engine world, over 73 percent of people in the United States watch YouTube videos every day. This is huge for your SEO strategies.

Owned by Google, YouTube watchers fall into two categories. Those that want to be entertained and those that use YouTube for educational purposes. Because it is free to start a YouTube page, you can post ads that market to your demographic. YouTube is one of the best ways to target your audience.

Ask Knoxweb how to incorporate video marketing into your overall strategy with Video Grabbers. Video Grabber is the affordable way to create videos with a strong message.

6. Facebook is Still a Strong Advertising Platform for SEO Strategies

Although you may not be a fan of the most popular social media site on the planet, your personal thoughts about Facebook could be interfering with your business and your SEO strategies.

Everyone is on Facebook, including your competitors. Just remember, it will take more than throwing up a business page on Facebook.

Hire someone to handle your social media marketing, or look for someone in house who is social media savvy. Communicating with your fans and followers on a daily basis is an imperative part of social media marketing.

When you comment on posts and shares, you are showing the personal side of your business. Just remember, that Facebook is more popular with the older generation. If you are marketing to the younger generation, you may want to reconsider your social media marketing and SEO strategies.

SEO Strategies that Won’t Let You Down

If your SEO strategies are falling flat, call and schedule a no obligation consultation with Knoxweb. Knoxweb will help you build a strong digital marketing campaign that yields results.

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