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14 Reasons Why Text Messaging for Business Works

Text messaging for business is the best way to communicate with clients and customers.

text messaging for business

Text messaging for business is imperative. Unlike phone messages, which often go ignored or unanswered, people read text messages almost immediately.

Why is Text Messaging for Business So Popular?

Because SMS marketing has become the preferred marketing strategy. Furthermore, it is superior to email messaging and voice mail. It’s quick, accessible and best of all, multi-functional. Large corporations are now spearheading mobile marketing campaigns using text messaging for business, and you should too.

Adopting a Test Messaging Platform for your Business

If you haven’t adopted a text-messaging program to your marketing strategy, call the team from Knoxweb.

Since 1996, Knoxweb has been a game changer  when it comes to text messaging for business. Call Knoxweb and find out how you can add text messaging for business to your arsenal.

Still not convinced that text messaging for business is right for you?

Check out these stats and you may decide otherwise.

1. Over 400 billion texts are sent every month. That means billions of people are talking via text.

2. Ninety 98 to 99 percent of texts are opened immediately. Knoxweb has adopted text first marketing strategies that ensure communication instantly.

3. Ninety percent of buyers receive and send texts each week. Because the modern world is mobile-centric, it comes as no surprise that they like to communicate with businesses via text messaging for business.

4. Nearly 40 percent of consumers will interact with favorite brands via text messaging. As a result, instant offers, digital coupons, and location-based amenities can be used immediately offering extra benefits to buyers.

5. Eighty Five percent of people on the net use a mobile device. Because everyone seems to have a Smartphone these days, it only makes sense to capitalize on it. Business owners are using SMS to increase their ROI.

6. Over 70 percent of mobile phone users check the device 10 to 15 minutes after waking. This habitual practice is what business owners can count on using text messaging for business. Because consumers are always connected, your text messages will have a better chance of being read than an email.

 More Reasons to Include Text Messaging for Business

7. Back in 2016 strategists predicted that mobile video would represent a whopping 69 percent of traffic. Knoxweb mobile marketing understands how rich media in text messaging for business is warranted.

8. Nearly 80 percent of Smartphone users watch video on the device. Because videos sent via text are easily assessable, consumers are opening more videos every day.

9. If you follow the Knoxweb Blog, you will know that video marketing is huge. So big in fact that nearly 95 percent of Smartphone users share videos. Consequently, this is a huge marketing resource for both small and large companies.

10. Consumers will spend approximately three hours every day on a Smartphone. As a result, it has become the preferred method of shopping, even over desktop computers and television.

11. Seventy One percent of people use a Smartphone to engage on social media. You would have to be living under a rock not to know how important social media is. Social media is what connects everything. SMS applications have changed with social media integration and seamless text messaging for business becoming the norm.

12. Back in 2016, 54 percent of all phone owners owned a Smartphone. Two years later, and that figure is nearly 70 percent. Smartphone’s are taking over the world with landlines becoming outdated.

13. Sixty-eight percent of buyers want businesses to communicate via text messaging, as it doesn’t take up a lot of time, and when delivered with great content, can be the best way to expose your products and services.

14. With almost 90 percent of mobile device users adopting mobile phone use into everyday life, you can bet they don’t go without their Smartphone. Because Knoxweb can empower your business with SMS strategies that will enhance your brand it’s time to make the call.

Text Messaging for Business Works

If you would like more information regarding text messaging for business, call or click and talk to the team from Knoxweb. Because if everyone else is doing it, shouldn’t you be?

Call for a no obligation text messaging for business consultation with Knoxweb today.