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Mobile Responsive Website What you should know

mobile responsive website

A mobile responsive website is essential if you want to boost your presence on the World Wide Web. According to Knoxweb, Google favors a mobile responsive website as it is the best way to optimize your content across all platforms including your desktop, laptop, tablet, and Smartphone, but according to Knoxweb, there are some other reasons to consider a mobile responsive website.

On the Rise

Mobile usage really is on the rise with more than 59 percent of adults in the US using a Smartphone. That accounts for about 60 percent of all website traffic. If you have an unfriendly website, your customers and potential clients will go to the competition, especially if your website is performing badly. Talk to Knoxweb about a new mobile responsive website for your business or organization.

Shopping is growing

It is easier than ever to shop online with customers and potential clients purchasing products and services while shopping in their vehicle and even while driving. Consumers are using their mobile devices to compare prices and read reviews and if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you will lose business.

Social Media Helps

More than 55 percent of purchasing on mobile devices occurs on social media. Users share links from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram giving your website more traffic if you have a mobile friendly website. Incorporating your social media marketing strategies into your business plan means you need to be mobile responsive.

Better SEO

Google recommends mobile responsive websites. A mobile responsive website will help your business or organization perform better in the rankings. Mobile websites give users a better experience. Google also prefers websites that have a single URL.

In addition, Knoxweb explains that mobile devices now have separate search algorithms on Google. That means even though your website may be ranking well on a laptop or desktop, it will not rank the same way for people who are using their Smartphone. This is critical if you consider that mobile phone searches are overtaking desktop and laptop searches.

Size Matters

A mobile responsive web design will adapt to multiple screen sizes. With a responsive web design, your website will look great on a desktop and a Smartphone. Future devices will have the ability to adapt if you have a mobile responsive website. Talk to the team from Knoxweb about building a responsive site for your business or organization.

Easier Management

Although it is common to see two different websites for mobile and desktop, a responsive site is preferred as it makes website management much easier. The days of having a main site and mobile version are going the wayside thanks to responsive website development. Not only will this help keep costs down, it will also give you a better return on investment.

User Experience

Although there are plenty of reasons to implement a mobile responsive website into your business strategy, customer satisfaction is the priority. A responsive website gives your clients and potential customers a pleasant experience. The last thing users want is to zoom and pinch the screen. With a mobile responsive website there is no side scrolling either. A better user experience means less bounce rates and will boost your website conversions.

If you haven’t gone responsive, call or click and schedule an appointment with the web design experts from Knoxweb. It really can help your business or organization. Call or click for a no obligation mobile responsive website quote today.

Mobile Apps or a Mobile Website for Business

mobile apps

Mobile apps are great tools for business, but unless you have done your research, a mobile app may not be the best solution for your company. According to Knoxweb, there are some things to consider before you take design a mobile app.

You may think having a mobile website is enough, but without mobile apps, it is more difficult to engage with your clients and potential customers. Knoxweb explains that mobile apps allow you to talk to your users in real time.

If you follow the Knoxweb blog, you will know that there are more mobile than desktop users. Using mobile apps effectively will attract new customers giving your business or organization a heads up on the competition.

What to Consider

Budget is one of the first things to put on your list. You need to determine if the cost will be effective in your marketing strategy. Other things to put on your list include usability, features and your demographic.

Recent studies indicate that users now prefer a mobile app to a mobile website.

Below are a few more reasons to build a mobile app for your business:

Better personalization-When you personalize your app you are tailoring your communication to your customers location and their usage behavior. With a mobile app, your users can set up preferences at the beginning based on customized content. Mobile apps also observe and track your user’s engagement offering updates and user recommendations. A mobile app can also identify user location in real time allowing geography specific content. Personalization can also improve your conversion rates.

Notification Made Easy-Email used to be the best tool for business, however because of overuse, email may not be as effective as it used to be with open and click rates dropping. Ease of notification is one of the biggest advantages when it comes to mobile apps.

Using Mobile Features

A mobile app has the advantage when it comes to utilizing mobile device features such as making a phone call, finding a location with GPS, or accessing your contact list. Mobile features also make user experience fun and interactive.

If forms or photographs need to be submitted, the camera can be used within the mobile app allowing the user to capture and submit a photo. This feature also makes it easier to perform simple tasks in a shorter amount of time boosting your conversion rates.

Work Offline-One of the biggest differences between mobile websites and mobile apps is the ability to work without an internet connection. Although the app itself may require connectivity for the majority of tasks, basic content is still available offline.

Design Freedom-Although web design is certainly more advanced than it used to be, mobile websites still relay on browsers when it comes to elementary functions. A mobile website depends on browser features such as an address bar, a refresh button, and a back button. Mobile apps do not have these restrictions. Knoxweb can design your mobile app with elaborate features that are based on gestures such as pinching, holding, dragging, swiping, and tapping.

If you are still unsure about a mobile app for your business or organization, call or click and talk to the professional mobile apps team from Knoxweb. Knoxweb can help you determine if a mobile app is right for your company.

Call or click now.

SEO More Important than Ever


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is more important than ever, especially with the use of mobile devices. According to Knoxweb, having a mobile website can boost your SEO giving you better page results on Google, Bing and the other search engines.


Online marketing is still about keywords, but keyword research has certainly evolved over the years meaning that SEO is different than it was back in 2010. Knoxweb recommends that you use long tailed keywords, as people who are using their mobile phones tend to use those same long tailed keywords. Make those long keyword phrases into questions so that people who are looking for your business can find you on Google. Think about it? Who doesn’t ask Google a specific question that is rather long winded? Make a master list of topical keywords and do your own research by typing in those keywords. This will give you an idea of what works and what doesn’t.


Optimize for your users, not the robots. You want your website to be user friendly as your content shouldn’t just be search friendly. By combining the two, you will get more users and perhaps more sales.

SEO is about balance. You want to make sure you don’t over-optimize your content, as you will be penalized. Try to focus on the users experience and create content that is easy to understand and easy to read. Once you have created user-friendly pages you will see your page rank much better.

A Need for Speed

It is vital that you consider that mobile search is huge, with mobile searchers becoming more impulsive and more impatient. It is easy to understand why, especially if someone is doing a voice search while driving or looking for a website on a small Smartphone or tablet screen.

If you follow the Knoxweb blog, you will remember mobilegeddon, where Google changed its algorithm to favor websites that were mobile friendly. Businesses that ignored the new algorithm back in April of 2015 are certainly paying the price now.

I Want it Now

Use SEO for micro moments. Think about I want to go, I want to know, I want to buy, and I want to do and you will be well on your way to optimizing your website for your users, not the web.

Mobile devices have changed the computer world with people using mobile devices like never before. People want what they want now and if you can’t deliver, your potential customers and clients will go to the competition. They really have no choice.

Local Search

Tied to mobile optimization, your local search isn’t just for the brick and mortar businesses. Local mobile optimization applies to all industries and business models whether you are walking into a restaurant, or ordering something from a home based business.

Google Business

Ignoring Google Business is not a good idea, and if you have, your competition is probably already beating you to it. Google Business and Google Maps play a huge role in your SEO and in your online presence.

If you would like more information regarding SEO, website design or development or just want to boost your online presence, call or click and schedule an appointment with Knoxweb today.

Is Website Content Really King

website content

Website content is important, but according to Knoxweb, your website content isn’t the only thing that will boost your SEO ratings.

Content is Never Enough

The most well thought out content that is both educational and informative is never enough. You may have the best website content in the world, but if it isn’t promoted the right way, no one will ever see it.

One of the biggest complaints that people have is that their great content isn’t being read. Content creators have had the problem since the beginning of time. Knoxweb can help promote your website content and your website so that you can reach your target market while attracting new audiences. Being able to convert your readers into subscribers is the first step in getting people to read your blogs. Once you have a solid subscriber base you can look at new ways to promote your blogs with the help of Knoxweb.


Knoxweb has the expertise to optimize your content all over the World Wide Web. Knoxweb can create social media pages that will carry your website content to the people who need it most. Catchy and eye-popping posts are what you will need if you want to optimize your content. Knoxweb can also provide you with analytical tools that can help you understand what posts work best and what posts didn’t do so well.

According to Knoxweb, there are a few more things you can do to give your website the boost it needs.

Solid Strategies

When you schedule an appointment with Knoxweb for website content, it is important that you know whom you want to target. What do you want them to do once they read your content? Without knowing, you will be wasting your time. Have a solid plan when you post your content. Your blogs and articles need to be targeted to your audience; otherwise, your sales will begin to slip.


If you follow the Knoxweb Blog, you will know that the web has been like the old west since its inception back in the 90s, with experts trying anything and everything to see what works and what doesn’t. By testing different social media sites and promotional strategies, you will be able to define what practices are best for your business or organization. Talk to Knoxweb who has the proven skills to avoid the hit and miss that comes with experimentation.

Do Your Research

Check out the competition. See what businesses in your market are doing to attract customers and potential clients. Read their content and find out why they are doing better in the search engines than you are. Keeping a leg up on your competitors will go a long way when it comes to planning your online marketing strategies.

When it comes to website content, it has to be thought provoking, entertaining, or educational, but how you get there really depends on your skills. Knoxweb can help promote your amazing content letting you get back to building your business.

If you would like more information regarding website content, social media marketing, web design or mobile web development, call or click and schedule a no obligation consultation with the experts from Knoxweb today.

Was Your Web Design a Black Friday Failure?

web design

Your website design could be the one of the reasons your Black Friday was a complete failure. If your web design wasn’t user friendly, especially when it comes to mobile devices, those potential customers that may have spent hundreds of dollars, probably went to the competition. Had you called Knoxweb for your web design Black Friday may have been a huge success for your business whether you run a small retail store in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, or have an online business that sells computer supplies.

Knoxweb has been in the computer and internet business since 1996, and has the experience and the expertise to help your business or organization grow.

These days, the design of your website really is the beginning of your online presence. Your website should be easy to use and mobile friendly. If it isn’t, not only will you lose business, but Google won’t be too kind either.

If you follow the Knoxweb Blog, you will know that Google put out a new algorithm back in April of 2015 that penalized businesses who did not have a mobile friendly website. Google’s main purpose in life is to help people find what they are looking for, and in this day and age, 80 percent of users are searching for restaurants, theater times, and sales in their neighborhoods on a mobile device. If you aren’t mobile friendly, your website will not come up in the search engines, well it might, but it will be pages away from the top. You may have had fabulous search engine results three years ago, but if you are not mobile friendly, you will have seen a drop in your ranking.

Your website design needs to be mobile friendly. Call and schedule an appointment with Knoxweb, who can help you come up with an online campaign that includes the development of your website and everything you need to help you become a website to be reckoned with on the World Wide Web.

As discussed in a previous Knoxweb Blog, email and social media marketing along with video production are just a few of the services offered by the web design and web development company in Knoxville. The design of your website is just the first step in building your online presence.

Once you and the team from Knoxweb have come up with a web design to suit your needs your advertising campaign will be discussed. This will include your social media and email marketing so that everything works together in order to optimize your business or organization using every avenue possible.

Your website design needs to be user friendly and easy on the eye. You may have been told that your site is mobile friendly, but if users go to a page that they have to pinch and squeeze to see the content after visiting a mobile friendly landing page, you will lose business. Your entire website needs to be mobile friendly if you want to keep potential clients and customers from running to the competition.

You may think you have a beautiful website, but if it doesn’t function on a Smartphone, Smart Watch or tablet, your pretty home page isn’t going to give you much business.

If you would like an evaluation regarding your website design, call or click and schedule an appointment with the experts from Knoxweb today.

2016 Web Design Trends Animation

web design trends

Web Design trends come and go, but as Knoxweb explained in the previous blog some website trends are here to stay. The last blog focused on UI Patterns for mobile websites. Below are a few more web design trends that you may want to consider for your new mobile responsive website.

Rich Animations

Unlike the dancing babies from the 90’s rich animations are being used to enhance the user experience using storytelling. Experiences are more entertaining and more interactive. However, as Knoxweb explains, it is important to consider where you are going to add the animation as it adds personality to the rest of your website. According to Knoxweb, there are two groups of animations:

Large Scale-These types of animations are used to give the user impact and will include pop up notifications and parallax scrolling.

Small Scale-These types of animations include hovering tools, spinners and loading bars without requiring user input.

Below are seven of the more popular types of animation techniques:

Loading Animations-Loading animations are used to delight and entertain users with a tedious experience. Loading animations are popular for one page websites, portfolios, minimalistic and flat designs.

Non scrolling-Hidden navigation menus are becoming more and more popular as hidden navigation menus save screen space. According to Knoxweb, animations are used to unveil a menu after clicking on a button. This prevents an awkward transition, such as hidden drawers behind hamburger menus.

Hover animations-A hover effect will give your user a more intuitive feel as they mouse over the content. People who are unsure about a certain feature on a mobile website will hover over it automatically waiting for instant feedback and gratification.

Galleries and Slideshows-Slideshows and galleries are effective if you want to showcase images without causing pain to your users. This type of mobile website is great for showcasing products, for photography websites and for portfolios.

Motion animation-Humans are drawn to motion making this type of website design trend a perfect tool to draw in potential clients and customers. Motion is great for menu items, CTA’s and forms.

Scrolling-Smooth scrolling is based on animation while giving the user better control as the pace can be determined unfolding the animation at the users leisure.

Background animation and Videos-Simple animated backgrounds will add visibility to your website, but should be used in moderation. Background videos and animations can be annoying and/or distracting. The key is working on individual section of the website to create a gentle ease of movement with the whole image.

Of course, other web design trends are becoming increasingly popular such as Microinteractions. Microinteractions happen everywhere. It starts when you wake up in the morning to turn off the alarm clock to the end of your day when you check your email before you go to bed. Each movement is done without thinking. Microinteratcions are now included in mobile apps and devices and can help with lots of things including:

  • Communicate status and feedback
  • See action results
  • Help users manipulate something on the website

When it comes to microinteractions, it is important to keep it simple, as you do not want to overwhelm your users. The text will need to be conversational, not robotic.

If you would like more information regarding web design trends for your new mobile responsive website, call or click and talk to the team from Knoxweb today.

Internet Marketing Plan 2017

internet marketing

A new internet marketing plan can be yours now, and with the New Year just around the corner, there has never been a better time to boost your online presence with the help of Knoxweb.

Knoxweb understands the fickle world of the web and can help your business or organization with an internet marketing plan that will outshine the competition. Email marketing, strategic SEO, unique content, mobile app development, and of course, social media marketing are just a few of the services that the oldest and most established web design company in Knoxville has to offer.

Email Marketing

If you follow the Knoweb Blog, you will know that email marketing is still a viable outlet for your products and services. Email marketing can be used to build trust and loyalty while building solid leads and prospects. Email marketing can be used to keep in touch with current and past customers. Your email customers will have already developed a relationship with your business or organization giving you a leg up when it comes to your social media pages.


Search Engine Optimization is what drives your internet marketing plan, and if you aren’t incorporating white hat SEO into your content, Google isn’t going to like you very much. White hat SEO uses optimization and other web techniques and strategies that are directed towards a human audience. Black hat SEO puts its focus on the search engine disregarding Google’s mission statement, which is to put the user first.


Content has and always will be the reason people go to your website. Users are looking for information that pertains to whatever it is they are looking for, and if that information is carbon copy to everything else that comes up on the first page of a search engine, your company will be passed by. Talk to Knoxweb about unique and informative content that will tell the world what you are all about.

Mobile App

These days having a mobile responsive website is essential to your internet marketing plan. However, do you really need a mobile app? There are all kinds of mobile apps on the World Wide Web that people use every day to find a restaurant in Pigeon Forge or a B & B in Gatlinburg, but getting an audience can be tough, especially if you aren’t sure what kind of mobile app you want or need. Schedule an appointment with Knoxweb who can steer you in the right direction and determine if you really need a mobile app or just a better mobile website.

Social Media Marketing

Knoxweb understands the power of social media, but also knows it takes time. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and the newest and fastest growing kid on the block Snapchat are just a few of the social media networking sites that can help your internet marketing plan. Talk to the social media guru’s from Knoxweb about a solid social media marketing plan that you can include in your internet marketing strategies.

January 1 2017 is fast approaching and if you want to step up your internet marketing strategy for next year, call or click and schedule an appointment with the team from Knoxweb who can help you come up with a solid plan for your business or organization.

Call or click today.

Rethink your Email Marketing Campaign

email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to optimize your online marketing campaign, and according to Knoxweb, can gain you more fans and likes.

Knoxweb explains that tying in your email campaign with your social media and online marketing, such as Google Ads and other forms of advertising will boost your sales. The more exposure you have the better, and adding a to the point email marketing campaign can help you get there.

Email marketing works because you are targeting specific people who will be interested in your products and services. Smart marketing campaigns are tailor made to suit your demographics whether you are selling real estate or promoting your new restaurant.

Below are a few reasons you may want to consider an email marketing campaign for your business or organization.

Personalization-With Email marketing you can have the luxury of personalizing your campaigns. You can target your products and services delivering to your target niche markets while making changes instantly. Unlike direct mail marketing, you can do this quickly and efficiently while limiting your outgoing ink, paper and mailing costs.

Track your Progress-With a good email marketing campaign, you have access to tracking and analytical tools that will tell you who is and who isn’t reading your email. You can profile your ideal customers and check out your demographics so that future campaigns will be more successful.

Professional-Email marketing is still the most professional way to communicate with customers and potential clients online when it comes to business relationships. Snapchat and Facebook are great when it comes to social media, but if you want more serious business professionals, you will want to start an email marketing campaign.

Volume-Believe it or not, active email users and accounts have almost three times as many users as both Facebook and Twitter combined. That adds up to 2.9 billion users. If you have had a marketer tell you that email marketing doesn’t work, you need to schedule an appointment with Knoxweb.

Transactional-A majority of people except offers by email and will be more likely to buy compared to other types of online marketing. Although people do purchase products and services from social media marketing, it hasn’t proven to be as effective.

Testing-With email, you can identify sections of mailing lists that will tell you who is responding or engaging in your email marketing campaign and who isn’t. By seeing who is and who isn’t reading your emails, you can learn how to revise and tweak your message so that you can better communicate.

Less Expensive-The designing, printing and posting for direct marketing may want to make you think again about planning a well thought out email campaign.

If you have a team of telemarketers, consider hiring less instead of more. Telemarketing is a lengthy process and puts pressure on both your potential clients and your sales team. Email marketing will run you less than 10 percent of what your direct marketing campaign would be. Schedule a no obligation online marketing consultation with Knoxweb who can determine what type of marketing campaign would be best for your needs.

Email is less instructive, can be targeted, and provides an amazing interactivity tool for your business or organization. Social media offers advanced interactivity; however, email marketing is the best way to take your advertising campaign to the next level.

If you would like more information regarding email marketing or any other online marketing including web development and web design, call or click and schedule a no obligation email marketing consultation with the professionals from Knoxweb today.

10 Online Marketing Tips To Boost Sales

Online Marketing

Online Marketing should be your number one priority when it comes to your advertising budget, regardless of what kind of business or organization you have.

According to Knoxweb, who has been in the Online Marketing business since 1996, the Yellow Pages and other telephone books really have no use anymore. Online Marketing is the way to go, and if you are not sure where to start, call or click and schedule an appointment with Knoxweb for Online Marketing.

These days the World Wide Web is loaded with Online Marketing opportunities, especially when you consider all of the different ways that you can do it. You can advertise on social media, send out email blasts, start a blog, or shoot YouTube videos, but how do you know which road to take when it comes to Online Marketing? Below are a few tips that may help your Online Marketing Campaign.

Text Ad Formats

Not all text ads are the same. Google and Bing have different formats so it is imperative that you follow each search engines rules before you start your Online Marketing Campaign.

URL Optimization

Text ads have a URL that goes along with your title. Make sure that your URL is relevant to your Online Marketing Campaign and will not conflict with the requirements. If your URL has nothing to do with your product, change it.


When you use keywords in your text ad copy and your headline, it will help your new online ad show up in the search engine results if someone types in the keyword that you are targeting.

Call to Action

You want to make sure that you tell your consumers what they need to do to get a specific service whether it is downloading a coupon or getting a free estimate. Knoxweb can help you create a strong Call to Action to boost your bottom line.

Call Tracking

If you have a click to call link in your ad you may want to add a tracking number. A tracking number will help you identify calls coming in from your ads. This will also help measure the success of your Online Marketing campaign.


Correct punctuation is mandatory, especially if you want potential clients and customers to take you seriously.

Unknown Abbreviations

LOL and SMH, otherwise known as, “Laughing out loud,” and, “Shaking my head,” may be okay in a social media setting, but using them in your text ads will only confuse your buyers.

Website Update

If you haven’t updated your website since 2005, you may want to consider calling Knoxweb for a no obligation quote for a new and fresh website that looks up to date.

Mobile Friendly

If you follow the Knoxblog, you will know the importance of having a mobile friendly website. Chances are you are not mobile friendly if you haven’t updated for 11 years. Having a mobile friendly website will keep you in the good books with Google as the most popular search engine in the world is now penalizing businesses and organizations that are not mobile friendly.

Business Blog

Having a business blog can boost your Search Engine Optimization, not to mention setting you apart from your competitors. A professional business blog will demonstrate your competence and your knowledge. Just make sure that you update your business blog regularly.

If you would like more information regarding Online Marketing, call or click and speak to a professional marketing consultant from Knoxweb today.

A Mobile Friendly Website is Crucial

mobile friendly website

A mobile friendly website is more than just convenience. In fact, if your website isn’t user friendly, it could be affecting your SEO.

Search Engine Optimization has come a long way since the beginning of the internet, with Google changing its algorithms as many as 500 times every year. Of course, Google isn’t public about all of its changes, but according to Knoxweb, having a mobile friendly website is one of the most important.

Back in 1997, there were only about one million websites. Fast forward to 2016, and there are approximately 150 million. In 2007, eleven years after Knoxweb opened its doors in 1996, there were one million mobile websites. That number is estimated to reach over 150 million by the year 2017.

Although the World Wide Web was born on a PC, times have changed with over 3 billion Smartphone’s used worldwide. These days it is not surprising that some people’s very first experience on the internet could very well be with a tablet, Smartphone or Smartwatch. Not having a mobile friendly website is like committing suicide when it comes to your business and organization.

The Information Highway

People want services and information yesterday. People on a mobile device want fast results and if you do not have a website that is mobile friendly, you will lose valuable business. If you are not mobile friendly, you are missing a massive opportunity when it comes to attracting new business.

Why Mobile Friendly?

Smartphone’s and tablets are more affordable than ever with nearly every person in the world owning one, or looking to purchase one. Mobile devices are used to locate businesses, read menus and to find the best prices on sales and services in the local area. If you have a mobile friendly website, it is easy for people to find you and your business or organization.

Mobile Internet Popularity

Studies show that nearly 40 percent of people who own a mobile device use it for the internet giving you and your business a massive opportunity.


Because the screens on mobile devices are different, the site design has changed accordingly. Knoxweb explains that a mobile friendly website is an affordable necessity, which is no longer an option.


Mobile device users are no longer purchasing a separate GPS device as most are now using Smartphone’s and tablets to locate businesses and organizations. If you don’t have a site that is mobile friendly, you could be losing a customer who is just down the street.


If you have a mobile friendly website, it is also helping with your Search Engine Optimization. SEO improves your ranking on the web, especially on mobile friendly engines such as Bing and Google.

User Experience

Mobile friendly websites give the user a better experience with the number of people accessing those sites increasing every day. Having a mobile friendly website that is fast and easy to use will boost your bottom line.

If you aren’t mobile friendly, call or click and schedule an appointment with the mobile friendly website experts from Knoxweb. Being mobile friendly really is crucial.

Call or click and schedule an appointment with the mobile friendly website gurus from Knoxweb today.